VeriCorder app paves way toward future of mobile media

The company’s Poddio application software transforms a smartphone into a full-featured sound editing suite.

Cellphones today have become as ubiquitous as televisions.

Even in the most impoverished countries, like Haiti, one-third of the population has cellphones, many of which have internet connectivity.

Many media organizations, such as CNN and NPR, have taken advantage of this technology wave by introducing mobile apps, which connect smartphone-users to news content, and utilizing social media, like Facebook and Twitter, that send subscribers breaking news updates.

Instead of just using mobile media as a tool to connect to consumers, VeriCorder Technology Inc. has taken it one step further by introducing a mobile editing app called 1st Video that allow journalists to take and edit video, photos and audio on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and publish news stories straight to the web.

Now, journalists are able to disperse important breaking news quicker. It also contributes to better, more in-depth news stories, as journalists can take more time in the field building their stories without the fear of missing a deadline.

The mobile editing app is also considerably cheaper than hardware costs of traditional equipment.

Journalists can be ready to file quality stories for less than $300. A professional camera alone can cost more than $2,000.

VeriCorder also offers hardware, such as lenses and microphones, that are compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and their mobile editing apps.

The 1st Video app completes the mobile media loop, making news from production to consumption totally wireless.


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