Bring on the change

We have to change what we’re doing right now before it’s too late.

That seems to be a common refrain today with fears of climate change and religious extremism highlighted by recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the rise of ISIS, or ISIL, in northern Iraq and Syria. Let’s not also forget the recent police shootings that have sparked a wave of debate about police brutality and race.

Static ScreenIn the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks and the police shootings, protestors took to the streets in mass to demand change. Numbers in the thousands in Paris called for an end to religious extremism and renewal of peaceful tolerance and coexistence among religions. Protestors in major cities across the United States demanded an overhaul of a government that they find to be racially prejudicial at multiple levels.

Change is in the air. And change is not a bad thing at all, especially for journalism. From consumption and distribution to publication and digestion, media is changing with the times. Carlo De Marchis, a media strategist with a global sports business, outlines these critical changes to media. He encourages media businesses to embrace these changes and use them to their advantage. With smartphones, tablets, computers and even digital watches on market, consumers are even more connected today. The media also has a more direct line to the consumer, which helps with funding content.

With a rise in multiple platforms, there is also a increase in media consumption. As Ben Huh, CEO of, presents in his TEDx talk, the amount of media consumption is increasing at a steady rate. He predicts that by 2036, consumers will be viewing media content 24/7, which can be good or bad. It’s good if the content is informative and helping to create a better society. However, it is a very real possibility that consumers will choose the memes of and six second videos from Vine over the more enriching content.


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