Your Message Matters to Daphne Eck

Daphne Eck is a lot like her website – sharp, creative, friendly and conveying. On her website6946253448_0413828369_z, Eck features many of the projects she has lead, collaborated and worked on since she began freelancing five years ago. She has been involved with a lot of notable projects, such as the OmahaGives! fundraiser, TED-Ed program and the I Voted Today campaign, to name but a few. After working in the non-profit business, Eck found that she was getting burned out and needed some natural breaks to rejuvenate her creative side. That was when her husband, a freelance animator, suggested she become her own boss.

Five years later, its been a roller coaster of a ride, but Eck says she loves what she does. What she does exactly is as diverse as one can imagine. As a writer, she plans the content strategy and copywriting and editing. She also helps business rebrand and discover the voice for their companies. To help her, Eck often brings in freelance graphic designers and project managers. She says this helps her to feel like she’s working with a team again, before she was self-employed. Eck also enjoys the benefits of being self-employed when projects are done. She often takes vacations for months at a time to recharge.

As someone pursuing a career in medicine, I doubt I will ever have the ability to take long vacations at a time or to set my own schedule. I think I will be hard-pressed to see all the patients I have each day. But I like scheduled work. It helps to keep me focused and on track. Unlike Eck, who is self-motivated from growing up on a farm, I like some incentive from others. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that whether one works for a company or works for themselves, there is still a degree of teamwork involved.


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