My first-ever business class

UntitledMy journalism major capstone class was exactly how one would expect it to be. It was the perfect bookend to all my writing, editing, developing and designing classes in the Department of Journalism, Media & Computing at Creighton University. The fact that it was taught by my favorite professor was an added bonus.

What I liked about the class would be too long for this blog post, so I’ve condensed it. I got to meet and network with cool professionals, like Bryan Ott, Andrew Norman and Daphne Eck. These three prove that success is not a straight path. As my first and only business class, this class challenged me to learn and apply new business knowledge. In this way, it has prepared me for the future, whether that is marketing myself as a journalist/writer or as a physician with a clinic or practice.

What I didn’t like about the class can be summarized in short. It would have been interesting to have more freedom to choose products and services for the class’s centerpiece project that were not restricted to apps and websites. However, I understand that this is a journalism class and should have something to do with media. If we have to create an app, it would be cool to hear from a person who developed an app.

Top three takeaways:

1. Do your research. Whether its for your honors thesis on hair cells or a business plan for your food app, you have to do research. This is a life skill that can be applied to a variety of situations.

2. Build a team. Find people who you can work together with on projects.

3. Have a passion. People are most like to get behind you if you are passionate about what you do.


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